i need id please!


Feb 2, 2008
i got my octo a little over a week ago and im still not sure exactly what it is. it has an eyespot with a solid blue ring. what octo's have the blue eyespot? any help will be greatly appreciated!
if it has a solid blue eyespot(actually 2) in the same place as a bimaculoides, it is PROBABLY an O. bimaculatus(no, thats not a misspelling of the more common Bimaculoides). my first octo was sold to me as a bimaculoides but turned out to be a bimaculatus. the main difference, other than the style of the eyespot, is the eggs: bimaculoides lay large eggs(possible to raise, look like mini-adults) and bimaculatus lay small eggs(microscopic, near-impossible to raise). my octo was a fertile female, so when her microscopic babies hatched i couldn't get them to eat:sad:
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You really need a picture if you want an ID, preferably as many decent pictures as you can take. Several octopus species have eyespots. Hummelincki's also shine blue in their eyespots, it's just not constantly visible. It seems that either bimac or hummelincki are currently the most common species being sold with eyespots, so it is most likely one of those two. Most probable would be hummelincki.

Do the eyespots seem to disappear or at least be very hard to see sometimes? Does your octopus look "spikey" a lot? Does it have webbing between its arms?
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