I have returned

Apr 29, 2004
Ok, I don't know if this message is spam or not, sorry if it is, but I just would like to say I am back. I now have 8 hermit crabs, and they are doing very well I might add.
In addition I have gotten better with graphics. I now use Adobe Photoshop, and even though for economic reasons these past few days I can't open it anymore, I'm saving up to get a full version soon. These are a few of my recent works:



And for the rest here is a link to my signature shop at another message board.

Sorry to be such a show off, I'm just really glad to be back.
So why have I returned? Recently I've taken up a fresh interest in octopuses, and while I don't plan on caring for any in the near future, I've become very interested in the biology of it all. Looking forward to another great time here!
Welcome back - you have gone on to new things with Photoshop!

(Ceph Roy keeps land hermit crabs and he was the one who told me to try feeding my fiddler crabs popcorn! They love it! )

I see you're back too, BOE!


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