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I have a small problem


Jul 27, 2004
My cuttle fish (from octo pets) seems to be doing just fine after 4 months at my house (thank = 90 gallon with 30 gallon sump) he is about 5 inches long now. He is Healthy and active and responds to people in the room and he has recently started "Banding" where he rolls a band of color from one end of his body to the other.
He has not eaten in 3 days.
Crayfish or goldfish or saltwater shrimp he turns away from everything.
is a period of dormancy like this normal for a Cuttlefish (its my first one)
I am concered he should be raveounous by now
I ussually feed him twice a day.
Yeah, I am with greg here, I would look at water parameters first, mainly ammonia, nitrite, pH and temperature.

At 5" I guess it is officinalis? What temperature i the tank at? I found mine to be rather skittish when they got too warm.

Suggest you stop using goldfish as a feeder, they are not really suitable
I give him a Goldfish on occasion so he can have fun with it. Saltwater Fish are too expensive and Octopets ignored my order for Saltwater guppies. His normal diet is frozen shrimp and fiddler crabs.
He seems to have self corrected. On day 4 of not eating i was watching him and he shot across the tank and grabbed hold of my oldest hermit crab (named "Hippie") and throws him to the bottom of the tank. he then procced to terrorize the poor thing by attacking everytime he moves. So i thaw out a shrimp and he devours it. i get 5 Fiddler crabs the next day and kills all of them in like 12 hours. My water parameters were all in the green zone (first thing i do since the incident with my octo Megas)
Yes hes from Octopets so hes an offincinals. (sp) Guess he was going through teenage withdrawl. Now hes all territorial and agressive towards the cat.
bands his colors real fast and glares at it.

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