I had a squid for supper tonight


Jan 1, 2004
ok....We went to a tokyo steakhouse in the mall tonight.The kinda chefs they got there are the kind who dont touch the food at all and they use a special spatula to flip the food around and cook it. So i got the menu thing and i saw on it as an appetizer.....Squid Tempura.So i figured why not try it. So i got it and i liked it!. The chef did all these really entertaining things with his spatula and the foods. He caught one egg in his hat thingy and then one in his shirt pocket. And he did some more really cool stuff and then he made us our chicken,beef,noodles,and other stuff.

It was really cool 8) 8)
Haha, we have one of those in my hometown. They sometimes flip shrimp at you and try to get you to catch it in your mouth :shock:

In the year I've been in California, I've concluded that fried squid is the Asian equivalent to french fries. Back in East Tennessee, one would rarely see an Asian outside of a Chinese restaurant, sadly enough. I'm fairly certain there were zero Asians in my highschool of 1600, so this is my first exposure to Asian culture. Fried squid seem to be everywhere, and they even come in little paper containers, like french fries. Poor little squids. :frown:

yah poor squids.....the one we got kept throwing rice and eggs and me untill i caught one in my mouth wich took about 2 tries....kinda tricky if he just says..."here..catch it in your mouth"
I served for two years in Korea and you've never seen squid consumption on such a grand scale. The #1 movie snack is dried squid. You see it everywhere you go. Street vendors roast squid over hot rocks. Make no mistake, the Koreans like their squid. I grew quite fond of a few squid dishes myself...
I always thought that it was too rubbery as well, but I just got back from Rome, and it turns out that I was just getting poorly cooked squid, as the calamari there was delicious and not at all like chewing on a tire!

(PS> I was brought some roasted squid from Korea, but havent tried it yet as it looks way too cool in the packaging :smile:

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