I had a dream...

Mar 2, 2005
there was an octopus in my room and it crawled across the floor, up onto my bed and bit me on the face.
Then I woke up and realised that I needed an octopus tank in my room.
Of course this means that the 2 1/2 foot planted tank that i have spent over a year getting perfect has to go. Heh heh. But you get that.

Anyway have kept a few marine tanks now. Mostly just fish and LR though, few crabs and snails and stuff. Mostly my tanks are full of cichlids and catfish. But I dabble in everything.

Have sorta started on the octopus road now though. Have a vision of a beautiful algae covered tank. With a nice evil lair and arms reaching out and grabbing a crab everynow and again.
:twisted: :twisted:

Anyway giving myself 6 weeks to get a home ready for my new guy.... so I'm gonna be rummaging through all your old posts digging up the good goss. Hope no one minds too much.
Sounds like a most excellent proposition!

I had this most unusual dream last night myself, but I'd be in big trouble if I relayed it here, and as I was so rudely awoken by a clock at 5am I didn't get to the end of it. That's a great pity, as I so rarely dream .... and this one was fab! (Sadly no cephs in this dream).

Oh, :welcome: by the way.
O...Dreams! I like dreams!
Few nights ago, I was dreaming about something strange. There I was, in my house when I saw a evil classmate down the road firing special anti-matter missile ( I don't know, but my dream told me). Then when I came out of the bathroom, I saw that the sea has risen 100m and I was looking through the binoculars and I can see some cephs ( possibly squid and ammonite on the surface of the sea fighting with some scaly fish that looks strangly prehistoric. Then I somehow saw Bush and Blair somehow appearing at my house, and telling me to climb to the 36th floor ( I live on the 28) Then I 'easily' climbed out there to find me evil classmate, Sam . He killed Bush and pushed Blair down the building, all what was left was a leather glove. Then I woke up.

Hey thanks for the split second welcome mate!!
I think the dreams are more part of my quitting cigarettes than anything. But have been checking out a lot of rockpools lately and well I usually see an octopus or 2. Yep out in the day cruising around. Have always been told they are really difficult but to tell the truth feeling pretty confident. Just gonna do the old take it slow and steady trick.
Seems to be some pretty learned people here though.... so for a DIY addict like myself my main objective is to try keep it simple for a little while. Week or 2 at least.
if you want to go for simple, go for a plastic tub, air pump and plastic cling wrap. That's what I do. :lol:

( That's what I use since I usually let them go back to sea after a few hours. )
Uh oh.....

Well unfortunately I'm a bit more camp X-ray. I dunno why but I have developed a passion for keeping things in glass boxes. Sometimes their whole life. You could almost make a case against me for wanting to keep them locked up forever...... you know throw away the key and all. I have some cichlids that are into their 7th generation. Nothing to brag about I spose..... more a confession. These things happened on my watch. I am responsible.

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