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I am new at this


Jan 5, 2004
Looking to setup a tank for 1 Octopus only.

I have a 55 gallon tank and need everyones help buying the right equipment.

So far I plan on buying the listed items.

Wet/dry filter

Protein Skimmer



Reverse Osmosis

I plan on getting 20 lbs of live rock to start with (do I really need more right away)?

I will use sand as my substrate I am thinking about 4 inches of it.

I have well water.

I would like to purchase decent equipment so my Octopuss will be happy.

Please give me any suggestions on the products listed.

I am new to salt water setups.

hi Cat, welcome to Tonmo.com :smile:

well i havnt used any of those products but these days it is pretty much of a muchness, they are not any really bad products for aquariums anymore.

But you may have bother making them octo escapeproof if you want to use them as 'hang on back' style.

That's more than enough live rock, you could build up a a cheaper base rock underneath that will be colonised with live stuff quickly.

4" is far too deep for an octopus, just go for a fine layer.. say 1" deep max.

if you are new to SW tanks, treat the octo tank like a reef tank and avoid all chemicals and read up a lot on this forum and any books you can get your hands on.

Just ask if you have more questions :smile:

Is that all I need then besides the sand and live rock?

My other concern is that I have well water all my water goes through a water softner. I want to get a RO/DI unit, but is this going to make my water pure enough. Do I need to do anything else to my waer if I run it through a RO/DI until?

Thanks for all the help.
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