I am back

Apr 20, 2005
hello all I am back from my move I just moved done the street but my internet was down for a week. octopus still fine the move was tough no inking but he climed out of his jar and was found on the ground but he is now ok the algea from the live rock and sand got the water merky so after it hit midnight I decided to let him go in the tank he is fine now still hiding but who could blame him I am actualy thinking about getting a seahores or something for me to look at because it is a little disapointing to look in my tank and see nothing. what is that huge pic in the middle of home page? the octopus eating spagettii sorry for the spelling no chair to sit on so it is kind of hard well see you
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greg, the shameless salesman
Yes, Clownfish, read Jean's post again. The seahorses will not harm your octopus. Why would you want to put seahorses in with your octo knowing that your octo will eat them? I second Jean's advice - do not do it.
no I have nothing agenst seahorse I just thought that if my seahorse was large like 5 in my octopus would have a realy hard time getting it and since my octopus isnt out at all it dosent look like it would matter but now I get it. lesson learned. I thought I heard someone kept a seahorse with an octopus but I ges I was wrong.

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