Hunting ammonites on Youtube


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Nov 19, 2002
Nice little video on Youtube depicting ammonite hunting in Oklahoma. The finds are a nice size too!

Come on Kevin, we want to see you do this too, I'm sure you can do even better!
....and introducing table polishing in Morocco (it's all go, you know). Spot the nautiloid!

You might not have to buy a video camera, if your digital camera has a movie setting and records .mpegs, you can use just that. Just save the files to your computer and upload them directly, just as one does here for images. It's also free to use too.

I've got a couple of short and awful videos on there that I loaded just to see if I could, and found YouTube surprisingly easy to use.
Here's one I knocked up after a trip out to my local beach quarry yesterday afternoon. Not much interesting found to report, but it was just good be out in the fresh air!

Hope you like it, some of the images might appear a little familiar from this website, but hey ho. Sorry about the annoying kid's voice - nothing to do with me!
Phil , that was truly awesome ! The musical score suggests to me that it's high time you jacked in being one of Tony Bliar's cronies (Canute couldn't do it so what chance has he got) & head off to Pinewood where the streets are paved with half eaten kebabs & McDonalds detritus just like any other part of the UK but think of the fame & riches ! KERCHING Dump that kid though.

How in the world do you spot them??? I watched and listened before I finished reading your post, and for a while there I thought you were keeping some deep, dark secret from us! Glad that wasn't yours.:wink:
Excellent video Phil, just like being there. :cool2:

Too bad I got my audio card fixed :wink:

When I go out on the west desert collecting, there is probably not another soul within 50 miles, maybe when I take the UFOP out next month I can get some kid to make alot of noise and get it on video. :lol:
Thanks chaps,

I'm under absolutely no delusions what an awful pile of crud it is, but making it kept me amused for a couple of hours.

It was not really difficult to spot those fossils Sorceress, they are just lying there in the shingle and clay between rockpools that were exposed during an exceptionally low tide. Those clips were taken within a space of ten minutes or so, on hands and knees just roaming around. I might post a proper photo or two of some cleaned up bits and bobs, but to be honest I found nothing as good as stuff you have probably already seen in all those Folkestone threads to date. Very bitty.

Now I know what to do (to an extent), I might do a better vid one of these days. The video clips were just with my little Sony Cybershot camera, nothing fanciful!

Anyone recognise Joe 90? No? Who, I hear?

spartacus;79142 said:
is there a "making of " ?

No, Lord Spart, but there is a

* Folkestone Fossils: Behind the Magic featurette
* From Script to Screen - storyboards
* Deleted fossils
* Optional commentary by me rambling on about nothing in particular, though probably about WW2.
don't be so hard on yourself, I wonder what Spielberg's 1st efforts looked like ? :wink:

Joe 90 ! of course. I knew it something like that but the brain archive does involuntary spring cleans & that got wiped !

Great stuff Phil but I'm now waiting for Folkestone 2 - The Hoplitaceae Strike Back.

Its good to see film of another locality - photos don't always do the scenery justice

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