Apr 3, 2003
i've been lurking around this site for a while now(looking for info :read: ), and i've decided to get an octo. i want a day-time,small octo. any suggested speices?

P.S. love the emoticons! :biggrin2:
As to the species, it really depends on your supplier...octos are a "hit n miss" sort of animal to aquire, and you have to roll with some punches. Unless you can find a specific animal you want already at a store, you will most likely have to go with a bimac, but they don't really qualify as small...but they do start that way! O. digueti comes in now and again, but with Mexico's new trade restrictions, I wouldn't bet on it...
Best bet? Probably start with a bimac...and see where he/she leads you! Happy Cephing!
Welcome to cephlamaniac!! Good luck with your octopus adventure -- definitely keep us informed each step of the way.

bimac seems to be a great choice, especially for a first octopus.
Hi! I just stumbled on this site myself. My wife and I have been talking about getting an octopus and/or cuttlefish, and after a brief search I found this site.

Isn't it great that if you have an off the wall question like: "I wonder what I have to know to take care of a cephalapod" you can find it here?

I don't really know enough to even start asking questions yet. The important thing is I (hopefully) loaded a picture of a cuttlefish from Epcot.
garyhoov, welcome to! Great looking cuttlefish in your avatar...

Well, you've certainly come to the right place. Happy reading! Post your questions whenever you're ready. :biggrin2:

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