Hmmmm....That's about 2 hours from here....A littlle closer than Lancastor. Which I visited with Jess on Saturday. No octopuses but we did come home with 2 dusky jawfish and Jess rescued 3 baby feeder mice. (better than a ginea pig) Anyway interesting store. Maybe next visit to Baltimore will have to check it out and report back!!!:smile:
Carol--Is ThatPetPlace worth the hype? In late March I'm going to a conference in Harrisburg and I was thinking about making a detour to Lancaster on the way back. Ideally I won't be in the market for an octo then, but it sounds like a pretty neat place.

There is only one place we know of that provides tank-raised octopuses to the public and LFSs - that's Octopets, and so far the only octopus they raise is the bimac.

Note that the list of livestock for Seasave refers to "tank-raised" octos.


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