Feb 24, 2005
has anyone heard of these guys they are in arizona. i called them to see what species they get in and i think he said vulg. if anyone knows anything correct me if im wrong
I haven't noticed them before, but Aquatouch seems to be a big store. I notice that they sell tank-raised octos (that is, bimacs) when they can get them.

You have no guarantee that the octo really is a vulgaris or that this group knows how to ship an octo.

It looks like they also sell Pygmy Bobtail Squid from Hawaii. On the right hand side of the screen, down a little bit, they've got a picture of one, though I could find no reference to it in other places. Really cool pictures as well, including they're gathering operation on Ohau. Very interesting website!

Egg-On-My-Face here....
I live in Phoenix, and have never heard of this store before...I'll try to get by there this next week. The site sure is impressive.
yeah check on that if you have time and find out what species exactly they get in for octos and cuttles also figure out how often they get them in

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