Howdy from Dallas, Texas


Jun 28, 2003
A quick introduction - I have a "Bali Dwarf" octopus which I have had for approximately 4 months. He is being kept in an 8 gallon Via Aqua tank. I try to do a small water change (1 gallon or so) daily. He is fed a variety ranging from live crawdads (his favorite) to frozen krill and the occasional damsel. Thus far, he has survived an excursion across the kitchen floor and a massive water change after an inking. He is doing quite well, all in all, and I find him a rewarding, if somewhat beligerent, pet.
Hey Texas!
Sounds like you have a lively critter on your hands...send in some pics...and, couldn't he/she have at least done the dishes while in the kitchen....???? Jeez!
Welcome to our website! You'll find a number of octopus owners from the Dallas area on this website.

If you have pics of your octo, please come over to the Ceph Care forum and post them under Journals and Photos. You might enjoy looking at the other octopus pet photos there, too.


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