Howdy From Austin TX


Jul 26, 2007
Hi y'all, I have browsed TONMO off and on for awhile now. I'm from Austin, TX. I don't have any cephs, but hope to someday. I am experienced in marine and fw aquarium care. I maintained the aquaria Texas A&M before moving to Austin. I am now a research assistant at UT. My only aquarium right now is a 2 liter nano-reef I keep on my bench top.

Any other Austinites on TONMO? I would love to learn from you and your successes keeping cephs.
Welcome. Lectured there a few times, but not lately. With all the rain you guys have been having, perhaps you should stick to freshwater aquaria for awhile. If they get flooded, it won't be fatal to the occupants.

LEW: i used to have a 75 gallon, a 20 and a 29.... but I've since sold them all.... so sad. Now I've got just a teeny 5 gallon (sitting empty right now). I had those all in galveston at one point...

I'm starting to get my fish-bug again and have been eyeing the market for, say, a dirt-cheap 20 gallon tank.... so it's small enough for me to move on my own without needing help. I'm a cheap student... you know how it is.

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