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How long from senescence to death?


Blue Ring
Apr 23, 2003
After having it for 6 months, Trusty passed on last Friday, 2 weeks after I noticed some slight clouding of eyes and some body sores. It was still able to swim about and feed till Wednesday. Thursday it spat out the food I fed it.

Will the onset of death be very soon after 1st sign of senescence? 2 weeks seem kind of fast to me.

Cheers, LS
Wow... I am so sorry to hear about Trusty. That is the hard part of loving Cephs. They do seem to pass very quickly once the process starts.

Sad to hear that L S ,sounds like Zoidberg before he died with the cloudy eyes and all :(. Two weeks isn't really that fast since female cuttles will just lay their eggs then leave and deteoriate while males will do the same after mating.

Any updates on the other cephs?
I think that even a week to two weeks is normal, it does seem to happen fast when it starts, maye not a bad thing at all!
Thanks guys :)

Strangely for Trusty I don't really feel too sad. Seems likely it had lived to a ripe old age I felt I have provided the right care.

On other cephs...a bendensis that is hunting very actively, and a blind don't-know-what species that I have to hand-feed for almost a month now.

Cheers, LS
Is the eye clouded or is it just plain blind, I heard that they can get blinded if you use a real bright flash when taking photos. All the best then.

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