How does your bimac say hello?


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
I've noticed that Ollie has a special way of indicating that he says me - almost a way of saying hello.

He lightens in color as soon as I appear - it's only recently that he's started doing this. And he bobs his head, or at least the part of him where his eyes are. Ollie seems to like it if you bob your head back at him.

How about the rest of the siblings? Do they do this, or something else?

Hi Nancy!

I also go through the bobbing routine with Ink! My son walked in one day as we were bobbing back and forth, and says MOM what R U doing? Ink seems to copy me with this motion! Very strange. He also does flash color when I come up to the tank. He knows when it's someone other that the immediate family also and is more inclined to observe from afar if it's a face he doesn't reconize.

Thats cool Sam plays hide and sek with my daughter by boing up and down behind her large conch shell, it really cool they do it every morning just before she is fed
An Opinion

(I have never kept an octopus)

For real enthusiasm i vote for cuttlefish - they press their "noses" to the glass, rushing back and forth, sometimes spashing water audibly as they beg to be fed. I am suprised they never got 'front-end damage' from the way they pushed on the glass!

(Before they learn not to be afraid, cuttlefish tend to position themselves behind something so that they can watch you without being seen, and because their eyes are on the side of the head (and mine are not!) they can see your movements before you see theirs, so they stay hidden!)

Furher off topic but an example of animal behaviour:--
Made friends with a robin (Small wild bird, quite tame in UK), and when I was moving material in a garden the other day he came to collect food.
Was not even frightened when I lobbed a spadeful of material at him (by mistake) in the wheel barrow, just flew out and back. Happened more than once. Confident he could move faster than me!

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