Hope you all have a great time!

Seconded! Have a great convention everyone, I'm sure it'll be fantastic, fun and friendly.

Jealous here too, wish I lived a little closer.

I'll wave a tentacle at you from across the pond.
Thanks Phil & Jean! Wish you both were going to be here!

Jess, Kevin and I arrived on Wed. night. Wait till everyone sees where MOTE is and the surrounding area. We went kayaking today in the mangroves. It's awesome! Only issue I have is our hotel, but we are only using it for sleeping! Have pics to post soon! And will have loads to share of Tonmocon II!

Hey Carol,
did you take your laptop and are able to connect through your hotel?
Glad to hear from you and that you're having a great time!

Can't wait!

I know from going to the Florida gulf last year that the weather report shows "isolated thunderstorms" just about every day. But we found the weather was great, and the showers were indeed "isolated". Carol, how's the weather from your view?

The weather has been awesome. 80 to 90 hot and humid and tropical. We cut the kayaking short as there were thunderclouds coming but never got a drop. We ate at the restaurant we will be meeting at on Saturday. Tony, your children will love the Ken Thomspons Park. We've taken Jess there every night. And yes we do have internet access here at our hotel.
Hey, I can post on tonmo with my new cell phone!

I'm on the right coast now (NYC), see you in FL on Saturday, and we'll be sure to send reports, vibes, and such to absent friends :cheers:

D-it all. Yeah, I hope you have a fun time, you all.

It is unbelievably hot here...
Thanks, all! I'm off early tomorrow morning, some of our people are already in Florida by now. I'm taking my camera and I'm sure others will take photos, too.

Wish all of you could attend! It promises to be a lot of fun (in contrast to other work conferences I've attended!)

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