Ho! Wassup!!

welcome to tonmo.... yep thats about minimum to doa good job of it
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. :biggrin2:
Well yeah I do have a 55gal,but I have fish and inverts in it.
Could I keap an octo with all of them in the same tank? :smile:
I got a blue throat triggerfish,a potters angelfish,4 frilled gobies,a blennie,a long nose buterfly,3 sea urchins,4-5 brittle stars,2 hermits,a rock crab and 2 cowries. :heee:

I live in HAWAII,and some people I know cought there own octo's from the beach. Got any comments :?: :thumbsup: :thumbsdo:
As long as its legal then fine.. most species outwith Octopus bimaculoides are wild caught... maybe you'll get lucky and catch an Octopus cyanea???

that's a definite 'no' to the fish mixing by the way :smile:

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