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Nov 14, 2002
While removing live rock from a large reef tank i have been finding some odd beasts living in there... The usual clams, some worms, the odd small starfish but here are two worth noting!!!

I still havnt ID'd the fish but the crustacean is often sold as purple reef lobster over here... so thats what was happening to the small gobies!!! Its about 4"

Heres the fish too, i have no idea what it is... very secretive, hadnt been seen until i took out the rock, pale white/yellow, huge mouth, two feeler like pelvic fins... any ideas???


its tail is pretty ragged but i think it was the lobster that did that as there was only one rock left for them both to share for a while before discovered them...

PS sorry the pics are so bad but it just wouldnt sit still!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like a type of goby. Does it have a fin all the way around it's body? I've seen them for sale over here. Think I was told it's active at night. They're very secretive.
Very cool...love those lobsters. Yeah, that is one lucky fish to only have some fin damage!
I'd keep the fish in a small tank if you do. Yellow brotulas are not only one of the hardest to keep, they're also one of the most secretive fish, as well as nocturnal-ish.
Hi Nancy
yeah they have been kept at my dad, the brotula has a 36x18x18 to itself with about 40lbs of live rock

Cephkid, thanks, move to the front of the class LOL :lol:

What is you experience with this fish? Any good sites for info???

There is no invoice for this fish.. could it have been a hitchhiker?
thanks again
1) None, it's in a fishbook I have(Scott W. Michael--MARINE FISHES 500+ aquarium fishes), though.

2) You could go to 'reef fishes' (reefcentral) forum, and ask about it. (Aaaah, I'll start it for you, if you want. Any input into the thread would be MOST welcome, though.:) )

3) If it's liverock from the western pacific, I'll bet you $60(all my savings) it is a hitchhiker-it's a crevice dweller.
I have found a few from the genus in Dr Burgess' atlas of marine fishes but thats about it... interesting looking fish though (when it comes out)

thanks ceph kid... i have traced it down....

Over here they get sold as yellow knife fish, Brotulina fuscia... havnt seen it since i took those pics :)

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