Hitch hiker identification

Mar 25, 2007
We recently received some Tampa Bay live rock. Just yesterday when we were trying to extract a mantis shrimp an octopus came out. It looks as if there is another one in the same hole that the first one came out. I was wondering if you could help me identify what type of octopus would come from this area. I'm not sure how big it will get and exactly how to feed it. If it isn't reef safe, would it be ok to keep it in our 65 gallon sump if we provide some tubes for it to hide in as well as food?

Here's a picture but it will be hard to id him from this since he is all wrapped up. When I can get a better picture, I'll post it.

When we find bad crabs on our live rock we drop them in the sump. She must be going out at night and getting some because she's still alive. Won't take food from us still. Even if we give her crab. It looks like a couple of the the eggs have hatched. We have a few of these very tiny blobs moving around on the sump wall. We've tried defrosted uncooked shrimp, defrosted scallop, live crabs, clam which we left in an open shell and clam removed from the shell and cut up. All rejected. We do know that these items that we've left in front of her are not eaten over night. We remove them the next day so the water is not polluted. We have seen her pull macro algae into her tube. Do they eat that?

I'm starting an aquarium webpage - far from done but I'll be putting pictures of the eggs and babies out there eventually: http://aquariums.rohland.org.
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Elli may be using the algae as a "door" to block the entrance of her den. Trapper uses a variety of shells for this purpose and will intentionally close her door if she wants me to "go away".

Lev's female lived 5 weeks (if id calculated correctly) after the eggs hatched and it looks like Trap will follow that pattern (we are at 4 weeks this week). I get her to eat freshly killed shore shrimp (much smaller than you can find frozen) if I annoy her with it until she puts her arms on it. She is accustom to being fed at 9:00 PM and usually takes the shrimp quickly at that time. If I am late to feed her she either grabs it up even more quickly or ignores it for a few minutes and then finally decides to eat. At least I THINK she is eating the shrimp :hmm: . She takes it into her mantle and I don't see her jet it out of her den.
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