High School Student Writing a Speech

Oct 17, 2004
Hi! I'm a high school speech and debate team member. For my expository speech, I have chosen the Octopus as my subject. I thought joining this forum would help me with my research and speech. thanks!

Btw, I really do like octopuses. :biggrin2:
:welcome: to Tonmo.com!

Excellent choice for the subject! I myself am not good at "in general"- :oops: -about octopuses. You will come to love them....you will...you WILL...ok, this yoda stuff ain't workin. :P Others are better at "in general" though...
Steve O' Shea
And others. If I said them all I'd be here a while. :lol:
Octopi are gooooooood......
Welcome to Tonmo...!!
What are you going to use the octopus as a reference for in your expository speech? Is this a debate about a political subject (camouflage) or in the difference in animals (spineless, yet strong) ?
Interesting...look forward to hearing more...
Welcome to TONMO! Yours will be the most interesting speech out of all the debaters. Do you plan to use real octopus information - I mean something biologically accurate - or something along the lines of what octopuses have represented or symbolized? Either way, there is information that you may find useful on the site.

I'm just trying to write a short article for the site on prehistoric octopuses. There's not much to go on and it won't be half of the length of the other articles, but if you can hang on a week or so I hope to have it done.

My speech is basically everything about octopuses that I can squeeze into 10 minutes. :biggrin2:

Expos is a speech event where the speaker presents topic (can be anything from hair to fairy tales) with posters. How well you do is based on the content of your speech, your delivery of the speech, and creativty of the posters. Basically, a speech of wit and charisma regarding your topic. :grad: :jester:

I'm planning to cover the biological and metaphorical aspects of the octopus. For example, body structure, intelligence, "monster," etc.

I just find it so interesting that the octopus can do/be so many things (play tricks on people, be a pet, etc). Most people wouldn't believe that since they view the octopus as food. Thanks for all your help!! :heee:

-DIH :notworth:

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