Pygmy Octopus
Oct 4, 2005
I am a new member from west Texas. I just got my bimac from octopets today and figured that I would register. I have been coming here for a while. Great and informative site guys
Acclimation went fine. He scurried to the rocks and is in hiding now. I have a 75 gallon aquarium with N.O. lighting and a 20 gallond sump. There is about 60 pounds of LR and I am using a berlin skimmer in my sump. It has been up and running for years. I will get some pictures as soon as he starts to venture out more.

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

Glad all has gone well with your little bimac. That's a nice-sized tank for him, too.

West Texas is certainly far from the ocean! Guess you're going to have to have your live food shipped in, like I do in Dallas.


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