Hi ya


Jul 27, 2004
Im Mizu
after 6 years of Salt Water tanks i put everything away
that was 2 years ago
the whole reason for getting into Saltwater Tanks was to have a Cuttlefish.
but i never found anyplace that i liked that sold them. or Octopi.
i never found anyone that sold captive octopi until this week i did one of my ussual board a work searches came up with a web site dedicated to attempts to raise Cuttlefish. there was a link to a web site called GrimReefers and on the forums there this word came up
and as luck would have it they are what i had been looking for.
Octopi born in captivity and a hardy species at that
so of course one post mention the people at Tonmo and here i am
i will be going home tonight and inventory all of my old gear
already have lines on seveal 100+ gal tanks
(sometimes ebay is actually useful)
need to get the Coral from the garage
dont need heater but i might have to buy a chiller i see from reading here

well any way
HI there
Im Mizu
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

You've come to the right place for octopuses and cuttlefish!

A number of our members have bought octopuses from Octopets. Come over to Ceph Care, Journals and Photos to read about it.

You can do a quick review of what you'll need by looking at our Equipment List and Checklist (click on the Ceph Care button above)

NIce to have you with us,

almost an extended poem...interesting.
glad you found us, and a hearty "welcome!!" to Tonmo!!

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