Hi TO All..........

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

Do you want to tell us a bit more about yourself - what part of the US are you in, what your ceph interest is?

Glad you found the site. You'll find many friendly people and lots of good information here.

welcome... so tell us more about your self.. what octopus owns you (pun intended not a typo) and stuff like that..

Er, not meaning to be a wet blanket or something, but from the links at the bottom of that post, it looks like this is spam from the same person/group (anumetha) that posted a "Hi, I want to talk about movies" thing a week or 2 back; I suspect that whoever owns the web sites for Indian film characters has hired a bunch of people to register at sites and post messages to up their hit count or Google PageRank. I apologize if this is just me being cynical, since I don't want to scare any real users off, but between the lack of cephalopod references and the same links, I'm pretty sure I'm appropriately cynical. I predict we will never hear from Juliana again...

cynically yours

ob said:

(had missed anu... anumetha earlier :oops:)

I'm not sure I get the reference, since google define:bhangra pretty much says "The popular 'folk dance' of the people of Punjab." and similar... That's not Hindhi for "spam" is it?
Bhangra features wildly in Bollywood productions, I thought this was just a fan of such movies who added references to her favourite actresses in her signature, little did I know, apparently...

And the two of you are NOT too cynical, I was about to ask Juliana whether she'd had any mimics spawn lately :wink:
sorseress said:
MOnty, I'd had the same thought. It's why I didn't send a welcome. Are the 2 of us just too cynical?

Apparently so, because Juliana is continuing to post, and is more on topic. So I officially eat crow, and give a belated :welcome: to make up for my earlier cynicism. :oops:
I too was rather cynical. Isn't it terrible that we are reduced to this (recieving 30+ spam messages a day).

:welcome: to TONMO Juliana

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