Hi There!


Apr 9, 2003
Hello everyone,

I have been lurking around this board for about 3 months. Registered for a little less than that.

With my hubby we are marine collectors in Western Australia. Since we have been in this business I have developed a fascination for most things "Ceph" (huge Octopus give me the creeps!).

I have kept three Octopus in 3 years. Mainly I keep them for a while then I sell them to interested hobbyists. I get too attached to them :cry: , but they are such great animals and I know the people who get them will look after them probably better than I!

My last one was a great little Fijian Octopus. He would come out at about 5 O'clock in the afternoon when I gently tapped his rock. Slowly over a period of about 4 weeks he would take a fish from my fingers - sometimes he even let go of my fingers!! :biggrin2:

Ah but I prattle. :lol: :talker:

Thank you for this very valuable resource that you guys offer.


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