Hi, New Here

Mar 4, 2005
I'm Joy, I'm living in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and I'm Erich Orser's sister. Actually my husband is lurking on the list still, he hasn't posted anything yet. (hint, hint, Tom :wink:

I actually found this site and turned my brother on to it. I thought since he is the squid head in our family, that when I found this I had to let him know. Funny thing about my life... I seem to always end up with cephalopod freaks in my vincinity... first my brother, then a boyfriend I had, and then my husband. Don't know what it is about me, I must have the Goddess Hitt energy or something.

Being a non swimmer, I've never seen an octopus or squid in the water, except for once running across them in tidal pools, but I've always had a deep fascination with the sea, and love learning about the wonderful creatures that live there. I have visited many aquariums, so that counts for at least having seen them (octopuses) in captivity. Of course I've probably watched about every discovery channel special on them, and my brother educated me in them from the age of three, so I probably know more than most people out there, though certainly not more than the people here.

Currently, I raise alpacas here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and love to spin, weave and knit their fiber. I also love to cook, and love this whole area from the forests here to the Monterey Bay.

I really feel that there is an amazing intelligence to the "headfoot" critters, and hope, as I'm sure we all do, that their species will continue to thrive. I worked on water issuese at an environmental organization in DC before I got married and there are vast and horrible threats to all creatures in the ocean right now, to say nothing of the land critters and plants. That has me deeply concerned.

My favorite ceph? That's a hard one. I think like many I really love architeuthis, but I also have a special place for the grimpoteuthis, and vampiroteuthis. I think grimpie is almost too cute.

While I'm not a marinebiologist, or a scientist, or even as knowledgeable as my brother, I hope that I can contribute to this nice group of people.
Joy -- you are more than qualified! In fact I'm pretty sure your qualifications match my own, and I run the site! :smile:

Great to have you aboard -- it's always fun when we get family on board, but most importantly, it's awesome to have a fellow lover of cephs to share thoughts with.

Hey Phil -- how's your sister? If I recall correctly, she ran off and got married, leaving a broken-hearted TONMO.com community behind...
Thanks for the warm welcome, Tonmo! I think I know how you chose the name of this site :smile:, or the nick you chose. I guess we are just a ceph loving family... I'll have to get my Mom to join. Teehee. She probably won't, she is not big on forums, but who knows.

Do squidheads every sleep?

:welcome: Joy!!! Another family member bitten by the ceph bug!!!! Do you think you will eventually add a tank to your household? Alpacas are adorable! My daughtor and just did a school report on them.


Welcome to Tonmo !!! Be sure to send in some pics of your ranch...would love to see it !!
And, no....ceph heads never sleep, but we do dream !!

Hi Joy,

Welcome to TONMO.com!
You have one of the more unusual careers - it's nice that you combine that with an interest in the sea.
Glad to have you aboard -

Hullo Joy, nice to have you aboard. Ever been involved in one of Erich's plays? They look like tremendous fun.

Alpacas? Are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes? (...groan....sorry).


I think my favorite alpaca is probably Arwen, because she was the first baby ever born here. I had to help her "come into the world" because she had a difficult birth, and later I had to take care of her when she had some sort of upper respiratory tract infection. (had to give her subcutaneous shots, etc, of antibiotics, which was scary the first few times).

She comes up to me whenever I go to the corral, lifting her tail, and crooking her neck down and making soft clucking sounds to me, and lets me pet her. This is evidently typical submissive postures, so she regards me as her extra "mommy" (even though her mom is in the corral with her). Since she is so sweet and attentive to me, of course she is my favorite. The other females, and don't get me wrong, I care about them, are fairly stand-offish and her mom is about as next to "wild" as they come.

My second favorite is Culurien, a male not connected to the mothers here, who we got as a companion alpaca to one of the males we ended up with. He's friendly to everyone, and comes up to you and demands goodies. He's a big, butterscotch colored guy, and is probably stud quality.

My third favorite is Kahlua, who is exactly the color of his name, and is fairly friendly, and looks like a teddy bear. He is another one we had to help get born. Apparently, if alpacas are handled by humans at birth they are much more likely to be friendly to the "two-leggeds".

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