Hi From the UK!


Aug 29, 2006
Hi everyone! :smile:

Just wanted the chance to send greetings out from the North West of the UK!

Since I was little, I'd always been mesmerized by octopi, and secretly always wanted to keep one as a pet. Until quite recently (when I found these forums!) I always assumed that was just a dream.

I was so happy to find these forums and the great people here! :smile: I'm not the only one!! :biggrin2:

At the moment it's still just an idea, but one I'm seriously considering. I realize it is a huge (and costly!) commitment, and I'm reading all the wonderful advice posted here. Particularly about the species of octopus -- which I imagine will largely determine tank size and the type of care and environment it will need.

I've always known that the octopus is very intelligent (at age 12 I was driving my parents mad with documentaries!). And I have to be honest - it's one of the things which facinates me so much. And one of the huge joys I'm looking forward to is the chance to undertake some projects. Particularly training one to open jars to obtain food, and the possibility of taking this idea further (If I can get that far! :biggrin2: )

Anyway, thank you for reading! I can't wait to adopt a little baby for myself someday, when I have enough information!! I certainly want to know how to really look after my pet, before I rush into anything.

I'm more than happy for any thoughts/advice or suggestions people may have!
Hi there,
welcome to TONMO.com

Which bit of scotland are you from?

Hi Octophile,

I may know naff-all about keeping octos but as a fellow Brit, I'd like to welcome you from the opposite SE corner!
sorseress;78529 said:
:welcome: Octophile, we have a bunch of totally cool UK members. There must be something in the water over there!

There are indeed many totally cool UK members, we also have some partially cool UK members such as myself. Hello from quite a way down the island from you!

You've got the best online (and possibly offline too) resource for Ceph owners and fans in the world at your fingertips here. Welcome aboard!

:welcome: :unionjac: :welcome:

:coffee: - I use this as a 'tea' symbol.
Hi Octophile,:welcome: , there are also a number of completely vile members such as myself, but frankly the majority of the international cephalopod community are the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, and will help you immensely in your goal of having an octopus as a pet. Plus, from our esteemed cephalopod scientists, to quote Bill Cosby, "if you're not careful, you might learn something".

Not from me, of course.
Hi and great big hugs to everyone! :smile:

Thank you all for taking time to write (I was so surprised with the number of responses!). :smile: Sorry Colin, I should have said - I'm from NW England - Southport to be exact :wink: (Just north of Liverpool, west of Manchester!) Hehe, if I may just politely disagree with erich :wink: You certainly don't sound vile :smile:

I'm particularly glad for the experts and specialists here. One thing I'm very concious of... is that I don't want a creature to suffer unnecessarily through neglect or lack of knowledge about the subject. Keeping a creature alive is one thing, making sure its comfortable is another.

Thank you all for your replies! (and belated apologies for not replying sooner!)
Octophile;78604 said:
Hi and great big hugs to everyone! :smile:
Hehe, if I may just politely disagree with erich :wink: You certainly don't sound vile :smile:

You just don't know him (or me, or a few others whose names I won't mention) yet. We are so EVIL!:sagrin:
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