Hi from The Canary Islands


Oct 17, 2004
Hi everyone. The names Tim. Ive just moved from the UK a year ago and now living in Tenerife in the Canaries. Kept Sepia officinalis 20 years ago, hatched eggs and reared young and have now just managed to catch myself a medium sized Octopus vulgaris from a local rock pool. Just lucky i guess where i can collect my own. More fun catching one than buying it. Kept native marine species tanks for 25 years now but this is the first time with an octopus. Have at the moment a 130 gal tank with external filtration, skimmers and a just recently purchased chiller. Being an island in the middle of no where prices for things like chillers are pretty expensive. Worth it though to be able to keep the little fellow happy and as near natural conditions as possible. Love the web site. Didnt realise there were so many people dedicated to these cracking creatures.
Keep up the excellent work.
A very hearty welcome to Tonmo!!! Would love to see some of your scenery, and your tank, if you get a chance to post some photos...
Welcome! Does your octopus have a name yet?

We have a section under Ceph Care called Journals and Photos where you can report on your octo and post pics. Would love to see some.

Thanks to all for the welcome from all over the world.

Not too good on the photo bit, but have just bought a new digital camera arriving with me within the next few days so will try my best to get some pics sorted out. Am in Hawaii in Feb of next year for a holiday. Can anyone recomend any particular dive spots. Will be staying in hotel o0verlooking Waikiki beach. Would welcome any help. Is the aquarium at Waikiki as good as i have been led to beleive. Look forward to replies. Tim
Another thread mentions nautilus at the Waikiki aquarium. Octomush, one of TONMOs youngest and most enthusiastic members, described seeing octos in a cove on the other side of the island. Maybe he'll let you in on his secret.

Thanks for that Melissa. Could prove interesting then. In more than one way. Have seen nautilus at Monacco aquarium. really amazing little things. So prehistoric. Will look forward to seeing them in Waikiki. Tim
:welcome: I am envious you are able to collect your own! The closest my daughtor Jess and I get is collecting lots of food for ours!!

Anyway, looking forward to the pics!!!

:welcome: from me too.

As Carol says, look forward to the pictures.

Welcome! :welcome: I would ike to go to the aquarium too! Can u beleive I have lived here nearly 3 years and have never gone? Anyway my faveorite spot to dive is at Kopoho point just a few blocks away from my house in Kailua and more spacifically Aikahi! Check it out if u can find it! Its great there are turtles LOTS of turtles. Nudibranchs, octopus, soles, lots of little fish, eels (their bite feels like getting injected with a bunch of hypodermic needles ouch!), sharks, tangs! Whatever! U would love it Im sure! Sorry I cant give u much directions other than that it is in Aikahi and that it is near the base. Sry...
Thanks Nick. Really appreciate the info. Only there for a week so any information about good spots to dive is going to save me a lot of time and effort. Will definately give your spot a try when im there. Thanks again. If i get to Waikiki aquarium before you, then i will let you know what it´s like and maybe send you some pics to prompt you into going. Funny, when something is on your doorstep you can sometimes overlook it or just take it for granted. Cheers. Tim
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