Hi from Texas


Jun 5, 2012
Just wanted to stop in here and say hello and tell you a little about my self. Ive been keeping reef tanks for about 20 years. I currently have a 210 gallon Zoanthid reef. Ive always wanted to keep an octopus but was very intimidated. Last week while on vacation, I captured a little octopus and now ive got my first ceph. Thanks to DWhatley the little guy was identified and will get a proper set up.

Now I know most forums that im on people like pictures, I dont have many octopus pictures yet but I do have some from my reef. So here you go.



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Yay Texans! I'm from there originally, but I'm now in Massachusetts for college. Looking into getting a bimac for research with a professor. I'm doing the primary research. :biggrin2:
orr, is there a reason for using this particular species for your research? If you have a big enough tank an O. briareus will be easier to find and are a good small but not tiny size right now. O. hummelincki is similar to a bimac in many aspects but. like O. briareus is warm water, neither requiring a chiller. The slight advantage might be longevity but to achieve it, the animal needs to be kept in the 50's or low 60's and is less likely to be as active.

However, I am not sure any of these will approach anything that looks like creating artwork. To play with that idea you would need an animal that keeps a midden (O. briareus does in the wild but none of mine have in a tank) and may need a very large tank to see this. O. vulgaris (seen rarely for sale here but common as food in Europe) is most known for its middens (as well as the Giant Pacific Octopus). I've never kept or had long term observation with a GPO and only kept one vulgaris who did not keep a specific scrap pile.
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