hi all! returning after a long absense

Aug 3, 2003
just a quick hi to all! haven't been here in a long time!

not an octopus keeper but i have many octopus friends! I regularily dive a site that has hundreds of octos. 2 specieis at the same site....... Rubi (at about 6"-8" mantle to tip...... and giants..... largest one at this site was about 12 feet mantle to tip.

hope to one day set up a cold water tank :biggrin2:

see you all around!

Hi Derek,

Welcome back!

I remember you well and what interesting things you had to say about your dives and interaction with the GPOs. Hope you'll tell us more about your present diving activities.

Great, welcome back! I certainly remember you too -- you had some great stories to share. Any new ones? I'm now one step closer to setting up a separate Diving forum... :smile:

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