Hi all from London England!


Nov 27, 2007
Hi all

Just registered as I am looking into metasepia pfefferi and their care requirements.

I have been keeping marines now for a while.

I like the idea of the above as they stay small and would make an excellent new tank setup. Black sand and a species only tank. I was thinking a mantis but I am very tempted by these.

Anyhow anyone else from the uk that keeps cephs give me a shout.

Hi Haulme,

First and foremost, a big :welcome: to you!

Secondly, you may wish to tread with a bit of caution, here. Most certainly a beautiful animal, Metasepia pfefferi is ill understood when it comes to wild stock and its ability to support hobbyists the world over with animals to keep. Further research is truly needed before the species could be considered on the "safe list".

Until a breeding program has been established, I would therefore suggest you look into other species, such as bandensis or officinalis (if you are ambitous w.r.t. tank size :wink:). When it comes to behaviour, they are as fascinating.

Enjoy your stay at our forum!
hmm thanks all, after signing up i read about pfefferi and you are right. i wouldnt go for one of these now.

one interesting topic is how clean water do most sepia species need?

i would think their biotope is a silt lagoon area with a high amount of nutrients. are issues like nitrates worth considering? they produce alot of waste granted.
:welcome: to TONMO

Water quality tends to be important for cephs, particularly since they produce a lot of ammonia and are rather sensitive to nitrogen compounds, so they require better filtration and larger water volume than comparable-sized fish... The most common water problems by far that are reported involve the nitrogen cycle or tanks that have been treated with copper-based medicine for fish. It seems like at least some sepia species prefer sandy to silty, but I'm not sure overall... certainly, most folks here use sand rather than muck, but I know a lot of octos and some cuttles do live on muddy bottoms in some areas.

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