Hey All!

Jan 15, 2004
Well...I've been "scanning" Tonmo for the past few weeks and have finally decided to join! There's some great info in here! I've been interested in getting an octo for quite some time, but just got serious a bit ago.

Right now I have three tanks- one for my seahorses, a reef tank, and the one I'll be using soon for an octo. It's a relatively mature tank, so I wouldn't imagine it should be a problem when I actually get the little guy.

On now to start posting some of my "newbie" questions...
Thanks for the welcome! :heee:

The octo tank has been running for several months now. The water tests come out positive. From what I've been reading, this should be OK, right?

My other tanks are 4 years and about 1 year.
:welcome: and dont be afraid to read through the past posts..... chances are someone probably already asked the question....
The tank is 40 g and has been running for a bit over 6 months now. It used to just have some live rock, ricordia, a cucumber, inverts and several small fish. THe water has been checking out fine without any problems.

This site has been quite useful! I'm getting tons of info about getting an octo. And I just read those "checklists" as well which were a great help. I hope to have the tank all ready for the octo by Sunday. It seems the last task is another water test and getting out the damsel!
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