hex has passed away

Feb 24, 2005
well hex lived a full life to the best of my knowledge and was very well fed for the majority of it. came home today to find the tank a little cloudy and hex curled up under a rock motionless... so i gave the tank a good cleaning and moved the rockwork around for the next inhabitant. ive just got a few more things to do and then the small wait period and ill be looking for a new ceph so if anyone hears of any cuttle eggs or baby octos let me know
Joefish, we listed Hex as a briareus in the List of Our Octopuses. Was Hex really a briareus?

And whose photo appears on the cover of TFH magazine?

hex was suppposedly a vulgaris but due to the size at death i dont really know unless the males are considerably smaller than the females at maturity...

i think that kashmir is the cover of tfh if im not mistaken but i dont even know what picture they used so im not too sure.

on a side note... i found a source for sepia O. would yall get this over sepia B? i can get eggs or babies

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