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HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Jan 19, 2004
yesterday I finally got the call from the aquariumshop. My octo had arrived!

it's supposed to be a vulgaris. although the shop owner wasn't sure.

he's still very tiny, arms are about 15cm long,body is +-2cm in diameter

his tank already contained live foods like small crabs, shrimp, mussels,... But since I had expected him to be a bit bigger, I took some of the largest crabs out, just to be on the safe side. don't want him to lose a limb or worse. :(

when I put him in, he looked around for a short while and then hid under one of the rocks. this morning he's relocated but I can't find out where, too many rocks and shells and stuff to hide :bugout: But I found an empty crabshell that wasn't there last night. maybe he already had a snack :?:

as soon as I have some pics I'll post them
Congratulations on getting your baby octopus! :)

Looking forward to the first photos!

Do you have a name for him yet?

(And please don't forget to update the Octo DB with the latest information on your new arrival. This has been a good week for new octo pets for TONMO members.)

well, I'm getting kinda worried now.

Blubberke (that's what I named him) has been in the tank since last tuesday and I haven't seen him since. not even a tip of a tentacle.

allthough, I did feed the mollies, crabs and shrimp today. mollies are all present, but crabs and shrimp, I'm missing a whole load of them. so probably he's alive and thriving.

Yet, I'm thinking of taking out a few rocks to see if I can find him. maybe even keep one or two out and rearrange the furniture. I don't want to leave him without hiding space, but as it is now, it seems he has way to much hidingspaces.

and it's not much fun to own an octo and never see it. so would it be a good idea to change the tank a little?
Actually, it's normal not to see your octo after he arrives, and all the more so with a tank full of food. I'd wait on that rearranging the tank - you want him to settle in. After all, he went through a lot in just getting to your house.

He could also be night active. You might try looking for him with a flashlight covered with red plastic wrap or with a red lens.

I know it's hard not to see your octo at first, since you're so excited about him. I went through the same thing with Ollie. She disappeared for days.
Then I began to see her more. Also, the little ones are VERY GOOD at blending with the rock and you have to learn to spot them.

So hang in there...

yeah, dont disturb the tank just yet...

Its possible to accidently trap them in a rock hole too
I look under the rocks several times a day, without lifting them, that is.
don't see a thing, at least nothing that looks remotely like an octopus.

only some crabs and shrimp that escaped the massacre (so far)

oh well. patience is a virtue, is what they say
Well, you know he's there from the disappearing food.

He may be right in front of your eyes, well disguised so you can't see him. Believe me, this is possible!

Yup, I have to agree with Nancy, I just got one a few days ago and every time I check in on him it usually takes a few to locate him. Most of the time his right out in front. I'm all looking under and behind rocks. Then whoa there he is. Right out front watching me and flashing colors the whole time. It's like the where's Waldo. I mean Where's Octo? LoL.
over the years I've gotten quite good at spotting frogs, lizards, snakes, ...

but apparently octo's demand a far bigger skill! :rainbow:

I'll just have to keep on training!!!! :lol:
The tip of a tentacle is probably what you won't see, since he'll be snuggled up against the rock. Pull up a chair and look very carefully.

Your octi can also hang upside down or sideways on rock, but can also just sit in a hole or on top of the rock, blending in perfectly.

:!: I just got a great idea :!:

I'll organise a "spot-the-octo"-party!!!

Invite all of my friends and have them stare at the tank. whoever spots him first, wins a bottle of champagne!!!

and afterwards we can watch the movie octopussy while eating crabsalad, mussels and shrimp.

:jester: :jester: :jester:

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