heres kashmir's tank and a few pics

Feb 24, 2005
here his tank


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Just incase anyone wasn't aware...the "head" of an octopus is actually located between the eyes were the brain is held. The mantle is the sack that most people mistake or reffur to as the's actually the mantle, body OR trunk were the animal holds all its vital organs in. We do not hold our organs in our head, our organs are located in our bodies while our brain is located in our head. My mom thought the mantle was the

Also, the octopus doesn't have legs. There arms or tentacles. I notice a lot of people mistake them for legs. Instead of walking, there usually used for gripping, holding and catching prey...which is what we do with our own arms. They occasionally use there arms as legs to bump along the sea bed or sea floor because of their lack of floating abilities which Squid and Cuttlefish have.

Just some useful insight.
i was reffering to a general size of the entire head and mantle area if i wanted to just describe the mantle i would have done so but seeing that the area of the eyes and the mantle fit nicely to a golfball description i thought i would just refer to it as a "head" and technically a head is part of a vertabrates body and an octopus doesnt really have one
Well..I hope the info was informative to anyone else out there who wasn't aware. Sorry I was mistaken though. A golf ball is round, and an octopuses mantle is round/oval in usual cases. It's head has no's just a peice of skin running between their eyes at the top.

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