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heres a DIY skimmer

Feb 24, 2005
heres some skimmer plans that someone was asking for so i thought id post them for everyone else to use...


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Thanks for the post! I just saw it. I've been AWOL for awhile. We're making a home depot trip sometime this week. My skimmer just died. He seems to be doing well without it and we vacuum the tank frequently every day.
Joefish, is there any way you could post an inventory of the specific parts you used? Size, diameters, etc.

Would really simplify the collection of parts. I know your skimmer would probably be too big or too small for some peoples setups, we could customize accordingly, but it would be a real help to us with less engineering skills.
basically the whole thing can be built from pvc and you can build this any size you want you just need to find the right size peices for the size your building. if you still need some numbers just pm me with how much space you have width and height in your sump you have... ive built several of these all different sizes and they all work equally well. if your limited on your height in your sump you can easily build two shorter ones and just use two fill pumps and use a larger circulation pump and fork it off on the output and input to each skimmer body...
Cool Artical

I have read that article for a week 4 times a day. Now they skimmer looks great. There are some concerns about the directions tho. I see a lot of . I am in the middle of building this skimmer. I cant seem to get the measurements on some of the parts. If you know what they are please help thanks.. Sorry for the hi jack

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