O. bimaculoides
Oct 9, 2007
So I do not as of yet have a picture, and even if I did, she is only about dime sized maybe nickle while puffed up and eating! I thought I was getting another pygmy, and maybe she is, but I would like to have some suggestiong so that if any extra care needs to be taken I can give her a good life!

She is tiny, with very dark coloring, and at times displays a black and whiteish zebra print (not to worry we are not talking about a mimic!) She is quite textured with eye horns, and I can see "eye spots" but they are dark in color. I can not tell if she is nocturnal or not because she for 24 hours, since I put her in has mostly just hung around and collects things. She killed a crab, but is just keeping its carcus with her! She mostly flashes dark colors, and is almost black when irritated? I know that this is not much to go off of but I tried!:notworth:
I can be no help with id but I suspect you may be in the market for a larger tank unless there is a pygmy with eyespots (definitely not Mercatoris or Joubini).
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Start cycling? Just in case? Although given a bimac's growth rate, starting from scratch is likely futile at this stage.
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