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Jan 11, 2004
Feel free to laugh at me as well. I'm trying to impress a girl.
My name is Adam, and I'm writing from Vancouver, British Columbia. I've been looking for something on the internet, and my hours of research have led me here, to those most likely able to help me.
The short version is this: I met a girl. I have a full back piece tattoo of an Octopus, and when she saw it, she exclaimed that squid have a special place in her heart. She went on to tell me about a television program she saw, and how, in her words, it changed her life. So, of course, I'm trying to track down a copy of this show (preferably on DVD as my VCR kicked the bucket) with a minimal amount of details, since asking her would arouse her suspicions.
I know neither the age of the program, nor whom produced it. Here are all the details I have:
-It mentioned a deep sea vehicle that allowed dives to greater depths than had been previously possible, and this vehicle allowed the encounters with several of the squid featured in the show. I do not know if the dives of this vehicle were the bulk of the show, or if it had been mentioned as a historical reference.
-It featured the squid whose name is like "vampire", and has spines or spikes on its body.
-There was a squid whose tentacles seemed to elongate to fantastic lengths before the camera, and then suddenly contract.

Unfortunately, that's about all I know. I do not know if this has anything to do with the Giant Squid expedition of the Kaharoa. I think if anyone in the world can help me track down this show with so little information, they will be on or around this board.
And if the consensus is that more information is needed, let me know, and I'll devise some plan to enquire further as casually as possible.
Thank you all so much for your time. Help me win her over!
I'm fairly sure the documentary was 'Incredible Suckers', that showed some spectacular footage of Vampyroteuthis. The squid with the lengthening tentacles was Moroteuthis, Clyde Roper and Mike DeGruy remarked on how its arms seemed to change length. I think that this was a BBC documentary and came out five or six years ago. You will find that Nancy reviewed it, if you look under 'culture' you will find it.

I think the documentary is still available on VHS. If you use the 'search' option at the top of the forum pages and input those two squid names you should find quite a few references.

That should impress her!
tonmo said:
May you both share many children,

-- tonmo

And may they all share in 4d mesentoblast spiral clevage development...

The things we do for love!


Yes, you're looking for "Incredible Suckers", as you described the Vampyroteuthis and Moroteuthis scenes from that show.

Hmm... What kind of girl is she? I mean, if she likes stuffed animals, you should look for a stuffed octo or squid. You can also try various websites to find computer wallpaper. Doesn't Vancouver have an aquarium? Try to take her there for a date. If she's a bookworm there are some great octo resources out there.

Sushi and Sake,

Fujisawas Sake said:
Hmm... What kind of girl is she?

If you take her to the Natural History Museum in London for a date, you could show her a half-chewed and partially digested giant squid head in a jar. Romance will surely follow.
Welcome! Phil's good to advise you to go to London's Natural History Museum. You could learn more from Phil in a thread in which he explains how Vampyroteuthis is not really a squid and not really an octopus. But try not to show her this site (well, not your thread) until she's sure she likes you.

TONMO Cephalopod Community

Happy hunting!

Phil said:
If you take her to the Natural History Museum in London for a date, you could show her a half-chewed and partially digested giant squid head in a jar. Romance will surely follow.

... did this work for you Phil??? Turning an octopus inside out never worked for me and Louise Crowley! Sigh .....

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