Hmmmmmm. It turns out 'the building' from which the plumbing (and other bits and pieces) was removed is .... hmmmmm ...... no longer going to be demolished .... hmmmmm ...... and that people will .... hmmmmm .... move back into it again in ..... hmmmmm ..... a few months. This, after I cut a hole through the floor and filled it up with squid goo!

Oh dear!

I hope their bladders are good and that they're nasally impaired!!
Melissa said:
Steve O'Shea said:
Oh dear!

I hope their bladders are good and that they're nasally impaired!!

:shock: :bonk: :lol:

Put it this way Melissa I once navigated to where Steve was defrosting a squid using only my nose! The minute the lift doors opened I knew I was in the right place!!! I still feel sorry for the owner of the car that was sitting in the park where the squid goo started to pool :yuck: I'm sure it still reeks!!!!

Steve O'Shea said:
I hope their bladders are good and that they're nasally impaired!!

I'll bet the farm that the marine departement is moving there... most of us have already lost the sense of smell and/or been working far too long around the squids to register the stench.... Objective 1 of the Master Plan has been reached... now let's have a look at Objective 2....

Steve O'Shea said:
Octomush said:
Because I havnt fed it for like 3 days!

Octomush, if you let that squid go tomorrow then I promise you that I will send some of the equipment that you need to get you started; basics like an air pump, air hoses and stone, drilled pipe to serve as airlift, and a protein skimmer. You send me a pm with your address details and you'll have the equipment in a couple of weeks, in addition to instructions on how to use it.

The US system (in Hawaii); are the two upper holes in a plug configured / \ or | | ?

Some of my students (they're hardly 'students' anymore - they're really good) have just made a tank and sump system out of recycled garbage (and I'm not joking - they just collected their pipes from toilets in a condemned building, and other parts from various drums, filters and pipes of no value what-so-ever!). Jason, Felipe, why don't you post images of your system online to help out Octomush?? A good tank design can be made out of rubbish - you'd be pleasantly surprised.

Please let the animal go tomorrow morning in the same place that you found it. I will send the equipment then, and only then, but you must promise me that you have actually let the animal go!

Hi; Here's a pic of our latest mysid maintenance system.
Yes it is true that all of the materials have been sourced from around A.U.T. The first system Felipe and i had set-up utilised stainless steel sinks. Although good for the glass shrimp, all of the mysids died within a few days.
The current system set-up has a plastic half barrel as the tank, and so far so good.
A busy weekend for Felipe and I (with the help of Steve) has seen a positive outcome.

... and with a few labels.

The only expenses here are the protein skimmer, air pump and water pump (in the garbage can [that serves as a sump]). Might look as ugly as sin, but is quite practical for culturing (by adding another tier) or stocking (present use) food items.

Wow! U guys built that just for mysids? Incredible! Would it work for small crabs too? By the way my dad says that once I have all the pumps and equipment I need for the squid tank he will by me a 200 gallon+ Inflatible swimming pool for the tank! Thanks everyone so much, especially Mr. O'Shea! :notworth:
Inflatable tank

I would have to say, not the first choice of tank material
May be a little hard to attach a protein skimmer to an inflatable tank, but all the best with your endevours.
P:S You wouldnt want a leak either. Trust me, we used around 2kg of Silicone, and it still had an annoying drip!!! :bugout:
The one we have is a semi rigid wall that has ports molded into the wall in three places, so it just went into a refugium, then back through the upper holes!

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