Hello ! : )


Jul 4, 2003
wow, what a Great site!! Im totally hooked. I too stumbled in here following the beached 'mystery blob'.
I've always dreamed of tryin to tank an octopus! You've (all) given me a great place to start reseaching.
Not too much ocean-life here in Cinti. OH. I expect to be checkin in with my local .....lol is that what LFS means?
local fish store?? well duh, soo much to learn/ soo thick headed! Anyhoo, keep up the great work. While I intend to remain an student/observer, I'm not above an occasional outburst.(sometimes ya gotta)
Otherwise I'm lookin WAY down the road here.
I did have some goldfish/crawdads once in an outdoor pond that I'd overwintered in a 20 gl. tall. Stared into it for hours!
Thanks again!! Great site!! SS (silentsurfer)
Welcome to Tonmo! A lot of the people on the site don't have tanks currently, but you gotta admit...the info is fantastic! Great to have you in our community!

I agree with Greg -- although I don't have a tank and don't see me getting one anytime soon, I do enjoy reading the journals and seeing the photos from others who are owners. Definitely the next best thing. :smile:

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