Feb 9, 2012
cephbirk;187286 said:
Very nice pictures! He seems to be rather intrigued by your camera! Where is the aquarium that you're working?

He is intrigued by pretty much everything, hah! What a guy. Every time I open the tank he comes right up an I let him taste me and we play a few games (I splash water on his face, tie his arms around each other, scratch his mantle etc). He really seems to enjoy physical contact in general. It is difficult taking photos with one hand, while he is holding the other one!

I work for the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center in Sidney BC :smile:

tonmo;187288 said:
:welcome: to TONMO! Great to meet The Dude!

Thank you!

CaptFish;187291 said:
:welcome: to you and the Dude!!

Great picture!! Do you have any of your other octo the ruby?

I'll look for pictures of our ruby, I know I have a few kicking around here.

gjbarord;187301 said:

Great pics! Welcome to the site!



GPO87;187304 said:
Awesome pictures! Welcome to the site! I look forward to seeing more of "the Dude"!

I'll get some up in no time!

DWhatley;187324 said:
We have a couple of unusual journals (Jean keeps an on-going one for the Portobello octo and Haggs visits his local "lagoon" to photograph any that stay for awhile) and I would invite you to start one for Dude and another for the Ruby. There are no requirements for what goes into the journals but I do list their links for others looking for experiences with species. If you go to the Octopus Care Forum you will see green stickies at the top. The entries starting List of our Octopuses 20... are links to a small cross reference I keep for the journaled animals. I can copy your first post of Dude to start one for him if you would like. We certainly would enjoy reading about his activity.

Cool, I think this would be a good way to chronicle his growth and any other GPOs we get in the future.

spencergs;187342 said:
About time you joined up, Dan!

I still want my Tim Hortons!

corw314;187423 said:
:welcome:To you and The Dude! Love the pics and hope to see many more and please do journal!!!:smile:

Will do!

Nancy;187428 said:
Hi Dan,
Welcome to the site. Those are impressive photos of The Dude!
Hope you do write a journal with lots of pics.


Thanks Nancy :smile:


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
OK, I set up a journal for Dude combining several of your comments in this thread. Growth info would be especially nice since we have a private keeper with a very young GPO that will be interested in any specifics you can include.

I try to keep a simple, where it came from, note in the List of our Octopuses so if you know how it was originally sourced (fisher man, other aquarium, etc) please let me know. The source can be very vague or specific, whichever is appropriate and acceptable to the aquarium.

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