Nov 9, 2008
My name is Dino Ignacio... I had been lurking for the last 3 months and slowly started to post and reply very recently.

I just wanted to properly introduce myself and say hello to all of you.

I am new to salt water tanks again. I say "again" because it's been a while since I used to help my older brother maintain his tank. I currently have two small tanks. I have 8 gallon reef tank here at home and a slightly bigger 14 gallon one at my office with two Mercatoris.

I look forward to meeting more of you (online and hopefully at TONMOCON III). Thanks for all the great info you all bring. This site has made it very easy to be prepared and equipped to care for octopodes.

I don't remember if I've said :welcome: before, but here it is in case I haven't...

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