hello i really want a bimac octo and I need one from a breeder


Blue Ring
Jul 14, 2007
hello! Im new here and I heard really good things about the bimac octo and I wanted to know if there are any breeders selling them because I want a young one or an egg depending on which is easiest to care for...
:welcome: Keep an eye on the "octopus availability" thread for when tank-bred bimacs are available.... that's generally the best source of information. There seems to be a pretty low survival rate for eggs or hatchling octos, you're very likely better off getting a young, but not tiny, bimac from someone like Zyan Silver.

Have you read the ceph care articles and made sure your system is appropriately set up for an octo and fully cycled? It's best to have the system ready first, and then start looking into getting the octo itself...
no not yet i just wanted to make sure they were stock up and all that before i got the tank ready and besides my mom already has a reef tank so it should be no problem to set up the octopus tank :smile: and thank you for the info
These are specialty animals that are only occasionally bred and can be difficult to find. This isn't like finding clownfish, which are typically bred in great quantities and widely distributed year-round. You should prepare yourself to wait months, or perhaps years.
Also, before you start seriously looking for your octopus, you need to have your tank set up and cycled (you won't just be able to keep it in your mom's reef tank, although her knowledge will help you). You need to have located food sources and make sure you can afford the cost associated with an octopus.

Have you read the articles (click on Articles above) that pertain to octopus keeping?

I learned that I wasn't allowed to put a bimac in reef tanks on google :smile: and also I learned that they are difficult to keep but I'll look into the articles too but I don't have a tank setup yet I wanted to make sure they were available first because I don't want to have a tank all set up and wait forever for a bimac
Trust me, if you really want to enjoy your experience with cephalopods...be very, very patient. It may be years before you get one, it may be months...you have to just enjoy all the time !

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