Hello! I am Brooke


O. bimaculoides
Oct 9, 2007
Alexandra is my pygmy octopus. She is absolutely beautiful, and so much fun to have around. She has been with us a month, and is playing fetch, loves her legos, and likes to interact with me. She actually just started spending most of her awake time out of the lair, I believe because she is nosey..... everyone have a great day!
Honestly I got the same response most people do.."it is an assorted pygmy" I bought her from a store that does have a good reputation for keeping them, and have tried to figure it out, I am just worried recently because she is never in her lair. And has dug all the sand from the corner in the front, and just sits there. I like that she seems not scared at all by me, as she was very shy for the first couple weeks, but is this normal? This is my first octopus after a lot of research so I am still learning about behavior in captivity, any advice?
That is odd behavior for a "pygmy" as far as I know. Any idea where she was collected? She might turn out to not be a Pygmy at all.

Have you looked through the photos on Cephbase.org? There's a ton of them to look through and a large variety of species as well. Might give you some good ideas as to what she is.
Diguet's pygmy octopus, that is what she looks like. She was extremely nocturnal at first, but now seems to come out any time I am in the room, she eats a lot. And begs for food any time she sees me. She started off so shy that she would not come out of her lair, and now she comes out and accepts food from my hand, then trys to put small shells in my hand or climb up my arm. I am worried though that she is out in one spot so much.
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