[Octopus]: Hello, I’m new


Jan 28, 2021
Hello my name is Britton. I have had four octopus so far and plan to have many more of this amazing species. Here is a photo of my current tank. I am getting a new bimac octopus! I have only had Caribbean octopus so any pointers would help. Thank you!


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Welcome Britton! I’ve never kept a bimac, but I know we’ve got some bimac journals you can peruse. Your tank is so sleek looking! Are you open to adding some more live rock in order to increase the amount of hiding spaces? That would be my only pointer I might add. When I started I had about 15 lbs of live rock in my 55gal. I was so happy that I took the advice of others here after adding several more pounds to the tank- it really added space for dens, and I was amazed at the outstanding displays my octopuses were doing when they had more live rock to mimic!
Welcome :smile: do you know which species you’ve had? There’s so many common names so I can’t remember which one Caribbean might be. Love your tank!

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