hello all


Oct 15, 2004
hello i am new to posting here. i have been keeping saltwater reef tanks for a couple years and am seriuosly thinking about an octo. i was looking at the bi-macs. any input is welcome
:welcome: Nativemic! The best place to start is by reading all the articles about ceph keeping. A lot of questions you might want to ask will already be answered there. You are definitely in the right place for a future octopus keeper.
HI and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

You'll be happy to know that bimacs may be on sale again soon.
Some of our members has hatchlings he's raising right now.

Hi, I am new also. I am raising bimacs as my senior project. At present i have about 100 one month old babies. I am able to move some out but would like to try and keep 20-30 for my project. I can ship them fed ex overnight, i reside in southern coastal oregon. I don't know how many I am going to be able to raise to adulthood, my parents 20 years ago were successful in only raising 4 o5 to adulthood but that was under different circumstances. My set up is much improved over their old one. I have read everything on the net but welcome any tidbits one can throw my way. My dad is a serious aquarist with his newest (three year old )project being a 1000 gallon reef tank. He has been raising octopuses on and off for 25years.
Big:welcome: to both of you! Zyan (or are you Ryan?:smile: ), you may want to start a new thread under Photos/Journals, telling us about your experience with your baby octos! Any pics? I am sure there are many who are very interested on your setup, what you are feeding etc! Best of luck with them!

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