Hectocotylus of O. dolflieni


Nov 9, 2003
Does anyone know where I might find pictures, or even good drawings of the hectocotylized arm of a Giant Pacific? I've been looking for a long time, in lots of places(aquariums, Cephbase, Google searches, with no luck. It's very important to me for the sculpture I am working on. I am close to finishing it, but I need to understand what this looks like before I can complete it.

Octo's hectocotylus are supposed to have a small groove running down its arm to transfer sperm to the female, their arm also has no suckers at the tip.

Anyone who can give a better description?
I'm search for an illustration of the thing later today - am just full on with a few things right now. I have illustrations of the New Zealand equivalent (Enteroctopus zealandicus) that I can scan and include, and there is a good one of E. magnificus in the original description; Sasaki might have a good illustration of a dofleinihectocotylus; by days end you'll have something to work with.
Strange the way NZed keep popping up in my life...

I will be so stoked if somebody comes through for me! Then I only have to figure out how to make the suction disks for the last 8 inches of every arm, minus one of course.

Here's a pic of him as it is right now. I am just getting to the fun part of the interbrachial membrane. I knew this would be a difficult project, but I never thought it would take 4 years when I started it.

Thanks a ton...

I started it over four years ago. It spent a year in storage while I didn't have a workshop. It's been through a lot of changes, moved arms, broken arms, moved the eyes, enlarged the mantle, twice (and I think I need to do it again). Hopefully I will finish the fabrication in the next 2 monthsd, and then I have to spend a couple months learning some new patinas before I can color and finish coat it.

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