heads up.....artwork soon to come


Feb 18, 2004
Hi again, suckers!

The artist/diver here...

Now that I've finally found a den of fellow ceph/octo heads...
I've been so inspired that I've started work on a new illustration.
It will be a visualization of a spectacular encounter near the ocean floor off of California's north coast:

First, take a future research mission of the "Deepflight" submersible... then, have it suddenly cross paths with none other than a very shy 50 meter in diameter mega-colossal deep sea octopus! (cousin of the giant architeuthis)

WHO KNOWS what's down there if we really look!!

I plan to show this photo-realistic fiction image in the gallery by next week...
I'm really looking forward to this. Your ink-selling octopus is :thumbsup::thumbsup:, by the way.

:welcome: to TONMO.com, and please keep feeding us.

PS: Graham Hawkes rules.

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