Happy Easter!!!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
3AM :shock: and here I sit looking through a very excited little girls easter basket! After the 3rd basket stealing attempt since 12 AM I had to give in! Anyway hope everyone enjoys their day whatever they maybe doing!!!

Ah, the early bird catches the chocolate eggs ?? Happy easter to everyone also !!! I have a morning of typing to catch up on, and then it is off to the in-laws for a ham,cheese, and wine feast!!
Happy Easter All........I'm allergic to chocolate....will need to find an alternative!

Busy at the aquarium, we're doing an Easter Shark Egg Hunt ( :shock: ) Kids find the eggs, which all have a letter attached, unscramble the word, take their answer back to the desk and get a (small) choc egg + a Shark egg hunters cert..........very popular!!!!!


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