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Hamster Tunnels for Enrichment?


Mar 19, 2005
Hi all,

As we all know, enrichment and variety goes a long way towards keeping an Octopus from getting bored (and potentially crawling out of the tank).

With this in mind, has anyone ever experimented using colorful hamster tunnels for them to play in/crawl through?

Would they weigh enough to sink to the bottom or do you think they would float at the surface?

I know PVC pipe works, however I was just curious if anyone had ever tried these?:



I would assume the different colors would be much more fun for an Octopus :wink:
Thanks! Ok it looks like I'll be using PVC then! I plan to use a variety of them, and leave openings everywhere for good waterflow, I'm sure the new octo will love the setup:

The pvc should also be food grade quality so it doesnt leach out anything nasty in saltwater...

welcome to TONMO too :smile:
Thanks Colin!

So normal PVC pipe won't work from Home Depot that you know of? Do you know who sells the food grade quality PVC?
You'd be looking at a large jump in cost, but clear acrylic from a plastics company worked fantastically for Mike DeGruy and Co. on the documentary "Incredible Suckers". They had thought that they would have to tempt the octo through their see-through labyrinth, but as soon as they introduced their specimen to the underwater habitrail the octopus took to exploring. Out here in Santa Monica there is a company called Hastings Plastics that is a great source. Hamster tunnels from the pet store would definitely be more cost-effective, however.