Guide to character states and measurements


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May 30, 2000
As announced on the main page of this forum, the article (mentioned by Steve in his welcome note) is now live! Thanks again Steve for providing us with this valuable data.
Praise for Guide to Character States and Measurements:

'Wow. The Guide is thorough, beautifully illustrated, and very clear and informative. It represents a great effort on the part of the author and an invaluable contribution to Nice job, Dr. O'Shea - and thanks!' - Tintenfisch, The Weekly Bootlicker


Seriously, that's wicked. Yeah Steve!!! :octopus:
Brilliant. Thanks for posting this Steve.

I'm quite tempted to go and buy a squid tomorrow in order to measure it! :cthulhu:
LOL (squid measures to follow Phil - practice on an octopus first).

Now where do I subscribe to this Bootlicker magazine Tintenfish?

I'll post a wee introduction to the measures soon, as I see that we launch straight into the nuts and bolts of things, which might confuse a few newcomers; just consider it version 1 of a perpetual document.


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